My name Nadya and
I'm a teddy bear magician...

I'm from Russia but my Teddy live all over the world.

Every collection I try to do better than the previous one.

I study all the time, I learn new techniques and improve myself.

I really love my job, time stops for me when I create.
My business makes me really happy.

I want to think that my work in which so much my human warmth, soul and dreams, are able to give a piece of happiness to someone I absolutely don't know.

So the world becomes kinder and brighter...
Meet my kids my dear. They are all so different, but still they are together.
They are united not only what I had created them.

They are all loving hearts and friendly guys.
Young romantic poet.

Says that the poet, but no one has ever seen his poems.

But is this a reason to disbelieve him?

He'll come to you with his favorite workplace - a mattress. He doesn't part with it.

Romantic Poet

Postage Worldwide
The Coala made of German mohair, viscose and plush;
-glass granulate;
-glass eyes;
Fastening on 5 t-pins.
Tinted with panpastel and pastel.
Scarf made of finest silk with pinned brooch-beetle

Little hairy boy with malocclusion.

He hasn't yet put brackets because it's too early and to everyone seems that this is his special charm.

Someday he'll fall in love and he'll want to be perfect.

Of course, he'll wear braces, because: "Why did you give birth to me with the such mouth?!"


In the meantime, it's a cute furry boy, whose imperfections seem special charm.

Bear Hairy Boy

Postage Worldwide
The Bear made of German mohair and plush.
Heels and palms are made of felt.
Bear looks at us through the handmade glass eyes.
Stuffed with sawdust, wood wool, mineral granulate.
He is fully jointed and his head, legs and arms are movable.
Tinted with panpastel.

The shorts are made of Italian silk, with elements of genuine leather.
Bow tie is made of Italian silk, cotton, on the strap of genuine leather.

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